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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


Cultivated by our farmer


  • Chick Peas


Product description

Cirio Chick Peas is a typical ingredient of Mediterranean diet that is growing more and more popular. Top foodservice operators employ the product in many traditional recipes and many "ethnic" operators or modern fusion-cusine bars use it in cous-cous or other exotic salads. Cirio Chick Peas stand up for their rich taste, the pronounced crunchyness and a very thin peel. With the contribute of vegetal proteins they satisfy the nutritious and balanced diet that modern consumers look for.


Cirio's Chick Peas are available in the following size: - 3 Kg can

Nutrition Information

Typical values for 100g of product
Energy527 kJ / 125 kcal
Fat2.2 g
of which saturated0.3 g
Carbohydrate16.8 g
of which sugars0.7 g
Fibre5.8 g
Protein6.7 g
Salt0.8 g

High Quality

Serving Information

Cirio Chick Peas grant a strong taste; their medium cooking time (20') can be of great help to all professional operators. They perfectly combine whit pasta, rice, barley or buckwheat to enhance an array of maincourse dishes with the contribute of vegetail proteins: the nutritious and balanced diet modern consumers look for.


As Cirio Chick Peas contain no preservatives, store in the refrigerator after opening and consume within 3 days.


Cirio Chick Peas provide just the right amount of vegetable proteins necessary for a healthy and balanced diet.