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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


Cultivated by our farmer


  • Crushed Tomatoes


Product description

Cirio "Tomato heart" is crushed tomatoes devoted to Professional connoisseurs. This pulp is enriched with a thick and creamy tomato sauce to obtain an unmistakable consistency, for those who love the true, strong tomato taste in their preparations. No need of extended cooking for Cirio Cuor di Pomodoro: its performance is extremely rewarding even in simple electric or gas ovens. Available also in the innovative bag in box format.


Cirio's Crushed Tomatoes are available in the following sizes: - 3 Kg can or in the innovative bag-in-box 5.5 Kg

Nutrition Information

Typical values for 100g of product
Energy27 kcal/112 kJ
Protein1,5 g
Carbohydrate5,0 g
Fat0,2 g

High Quality

Serving Information

No need of extrended cooking for Cirio Cuor di Pomodoro: its performance is extremely rewarding, from very fast sauces & tomato dressing, to wonderful tasty pizzas.


As our tomatoes contain no preservatives, transfer into a non-metallic container and store in the refrigerator at 0-0.5°C after opening and consume within 3 days.


Even Self-service operators (Bars, Fast foods...) will be benefit from the high service of this product and its short baking times in simple electic or gas ovens.